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Hundreds of corporate executives, hospitals, health care professionals, and brain/mind explorers of all ages have used BMEI to expand and enhance their mental skills and productivity.

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BMEI was the first accelerated learning program offered to the general public by neuroscientist Dr. John-David. He specifically created it to increase mental skills such as focus and recall after working with soldiers and individuals recovering from debilitating head and brain injuries.

Newly re-mastered, it is still the most powerful tool for brain/mind stimulation ever created for the general public and has been used successfully by students as well as business professionals and learners of all ages to enhance their mental abilities.

This powerful program has been recorded with four “Active Listening” and four “Passive Listening” tracks.

Tracks for ACTIVE Listening:

Audible, guided visualizations plus inaudible, subliminal affirmations, tones, and frequencies – to be used with headphones, in order to maximize the psycho-acoustical effect of the sound vibrations.

  • “Long-Term Memory” is for increased retention and recall of important information from books, magazines, and meetings, or facts and figures which you want to recall over a lengthy period of time. This type of information is stored for easy access over long periods of time.
  • “Short Term Memory” is for organizing smaller bits of information, such as details related to your daily schedule, remembering names, faces, phone numbers, directions, and associational links. This type of information is discarded when it is no longer useful or relevant
  • “Concentration” is for enhanced focus while studying, conducting research, or “paying attention” while operating in multiple environments – or in a single environment with multiple stimulations. This track is a real aide for those awash in information overload.
  • “Eliminating Self-Sabotage” is for re-programming the negative “old tapes” that undermine new patterns for thought and behavior – especially regarding mental abilities and intelligence.

Tracks for PASSIVE Listening:

Inaudible, subliminal affirmations scripted and recorded within a layer of selected natural tones and frequencies, embedded in easy-listening music for use at home, school or office, as background stimulation.

  • “While Driving” tracks are designed specifically for use while commuting or running errands – and include Memory and Peak Performance.
  • “Office & Studying” tracks anchor the previous BMEI work in Memory and Peak Performance, while increasing subconscious activity in these areas.

Here's What Others Say...

Improved Piloting Skills

Within two weeks [using BMEI], I was scanning aircraft instrument panels in a vastly superior way.

Don W. ... Airline Pilot, Chicago, IL

Scored 98% on a Professional Certification Exam

Using your [BMEI program], I scored 98% on a professional certification exam - a national high on my very first try!

Allan S. ... Dentist, San Bernardino, CA

Great Results With BMEI!

I'm having great results with BMEI. My memory is vivid, as well as my concentration - and I feel great! Thank you!

Glen R. ... Los Angeles, CA

Testimonials presented here are unsolicited and reflect the honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences of the endorser and may not be indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. As with any personal development program, expect your results to vary and be unique to you.

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At BrainSpeak, we know that sometimes a new personal development program may not resonate with you. So, we offer a simple "no-questions" 30-day refund policy so that you won't be stuck with a program that just isn't a good fit for you.

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