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Introducing The BrainSpeak® Audio Program...

The BrainSpeak® audio program is a 21st century tool for mastering your life by opening you to higher consciousness, achieving balance, and creating physical and emotional well-being. This exceptional audio series is based upon scientific research and study of the transformational impact of sound on the brain/mind.

Using the power of pure sound patterns, BrainSpeak® is truly the latest achievement in personal transformation technology. Designed to stimulate your brain by increasing brain-wave activity and synchronizing both right and left hemispheres, BrainSpeak® creates a deep resonance between your conscious and subconscious mind, leading you to new levels of personal power, mental excellence, vibrant health, and joyous self-realization.​

The BrainSpeak® Experience

BrainSpeak® is a comprehensive vibrational audio program that will lead you to new levels of mental acuity, happiness, and self-healing. Its digital, holophonic multi-tracks, re-mastered by recording artist and Grammy nominated sound engineer, John Archer, provide the highest quality and most sophisticated sound technology available.

Using the power of pure, organic tones and sound patterns developed by her mentor, the late Dr. John-David, Deborah DeBerry and Grammy nominated composer William Aura carefully orchestrated specific frequencies to create BrainSpeak®.

Our proprietary sound pattern combinations selected were PET-scan tested to define four distinct categories of sound for optimum psycho-acoustic benefit:

The Maximum Tune-Up Track

Renews and refreshes your mind. Use Maximum Tune-up as often as you want to wash away “brain-fog” or when transitioning from one task to another. You’ll love this 10-minute brain “reset” track for how it makes you feel but the real power of the Tune-up is its ability to super-charge the other three BrainSpeak session titles when used together!

The Maximum Mind Track

Enhances brain/mind expansion and mental stimulation. Use the Maximum Mind track to increase creativity, speed of thought, assimilation of new material, and the synthesis of new and unique ideas (the basis of "genius").

The Maximum Health Track

Supports wellness, health, and physical well-being. Use the Maximum Health track to reduce stress, increase energy, improve immune function… all the powerful benefits that you would expect of regular meditative practice!

The Maximum Joy Track

Allows you to explore higher levels of awareness and being. Using the Maximum Joy track not only creates the sense of being more “present” and the feeling of connected to a higher source, but allows you to experience the sheer joy that results from those states!

​This Just May Be The Last Personal Transformation Program You'll Ever Need...

BrainSpeak® is an interactive, personal tool for transformation. Because of it's unique design, it evolves with you and can be used throughout a lifetime as your subconscious mind allows issues to surface when you are ready to deal with them on a conscious level. Plus, by creating your own affirmations and positive messages while you listen to BrainSpeak® as directed, you can achieve your goals even more quickly.

In only 30 minutes a day, BrainSpeak® helps you to move beyond mere meditation by allowing you to release old habits and self-sabotaging behaviors while reducing the debilitating effects of stress. It prepares your brain/mind to break through to new levels of dynamic living and success while accelerating your personal transformation.

BrainSpeak Has Helped Users To:

  • Reduce the measurable effects of stress and overwhelm.
  • Create the perfect mental environment for healing and recovery from illness and injury.
  • Maintain a youthful, energetic state of mind.
  • Develop enhanced creativity and intuition​
  • Communicate more effectively and create rapport with others
  • Impact health by utilizing the mind’s healing powers
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors 2
  • Enhance self-esteem and an increased sense of well-being
  • ​Cleanse and sharpen the senses
  • Strengthen the ability to remember and recall information
  • Accomplish more with less effort and time
  • Relax and experience more joy in your life
  • Create your life in a new way, just as you want it to be​
  • Improve your ability to concentrate, make decisions & solve problems
  • Use your brain more efficiently
  • Synchronize left and right brain hemispheres for fast meditative states

Transform Your Life With This Versatile Program! 

Order the entire BrainSpeak program today and begin your journey to stress-free levels of thought, health, & happiness that until now, you may have only dreamed of!

CD Edition

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The CD Version Contains:

  • 4 CDs
  • Complete Manual & Instructions
  • Printed Journal


Instant Download

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The Downloadable Version Contains:

  • MP3 Version
  • High Resolution FLAC Version
  • Complete Manual & Instructions (PDF)
  • Journal Pages (PDF)



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