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Learn why our powerful Eliminate Self-Sabotage program will help you to overcome the self-defeating habits & beliefs that have stopped you from getting what you want and living the life you deserve!

No Matter What You Call It...

You Know Exactly What We Mean...

No matter what you call it, it’s the biggest reason that people fall short of their potential for success.​

There is nothing more damaging to one’s self-esteem than to be set to claim victory only to fall victim to some old, well established negative belief about what’s possible, our own abilities, or even our worthiness as a person.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Other people see it too… Once you get a reputation as someone who cannot be trusted to finish a project, successfully stay in a relationship, grow financially, or simply not “self-destruct” in the face of a sure thing, it’s hard to shake that impression as it makes its way through the gossip mill.

The sad part is that it’s not easy to weed out and eliminate those destructive beliefs and patterns. Think about it; they are a part of “who you are” and who you will continue to be unless you find some way of changing the way you think in a very fundamental sense.

The good news is that there is a way to do exactly that… But before I tell you what it is, I need to explain why this spirit-crushing problem hasn’t been solved before now.

Here's How...

Peter JulianBrainSpeak Publisher

In order to solve the problem you are going to have to get down into the real subjects that are still “off-limits” and taboo to most self-help programs.

Eliminate Self-Sabotage author, Dr. John-David, refused to believe that anyone could bust through self-defeating beliefs and actions by skirting the real cause of the problem and as a result...

...he didn’t back away from working with the sensitive issues like...

Parents & Parenting

Sex & Intimacy

Guilt & Shame

Money & Career

Introducing Eliminate Self-Sabotage®

Use Our Proprietary BrainSpeak® Technology to Eliminate Subconscious Belief Systems That Block Your Happiness.

After twenty years of research and individual counseling in brain/mind re-education, John-David created ESS to re-program the mind by releasing old, negative patterns that prevent success and fulfillment in life.

Digitally mastered on 5 CDs or convenient MP3 and FLAC formats, this intensive program was created by Dr. John-David as the “next step” beyond his internationally acclaimed Brain/Mind Expansion Intensive® and is designed to eliminate subconscious self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that undermine your personal and professional life.

Eliminate Self-Sabotage Can Help You...

  • Overcome mental obstacles and self-defeating thoughts and actions
  • Experience new levels of success and prosperity
  • Improve relationships, intimacy and sex
  • Release guilt & re-evaluate destructive core beliefs

It's Easy! Here's How It Works...

1. Listen To The Program Tracks

Our BrainSpeak® Sound Technology allows the listener to perceive sound in three dimensions – both inside and outside the brain – which maximizes the psycho-acoustical impact of sound vibrations in the skull.

2. Journal Your Experience

Documenting progress and writing daily affirmations, as directed in the accompanying ESS manual, makes the entire process easy, yet incredibly powerful.

3. See Positive Changes!

Brain/mind re-education occurs when specific sound vibrations combine with positive subliminals. This creates new neural pathways and anchors in new self-enhancing thought patterns.

What Others Are Saying...

Even from the first playing of these tracks there was improvement in my emotional stability. The problems I experience in the past I can now see as being largely self-fabricated problems. Although the changes in my life had been dramatic (in terms of self-confidence and self-motivation) they seem to be also entirely natural, so much so that I wonder why I was never like this before. Following my successful use of your Eliminate Self-Sabotage series I am pleased to place another order for your Brain-Mind Expansion series.
Chris Nason
London, England

I've been using the Eliminate Self-Sabotage set for over three weeks and I have no other explanation for the good things that are happening. It's funny, but it's almost too much. I communicate with people more readily, I have a greater awareness of our interaction. I'm performing beyond my previous expectations as a runner and I seem to be experiencing release from a great deal of daily stress. It's fantastic! I can hardly wait to experience the ultra intelligence program!
George F. Bills
Huntington, WV

Last week I concluded 8 full weeks of using the Eliminate Self-Sabotage recordings twice a day! WOW! The effect of these tracks has been far more powerful than anything I've used before. From the second day onward I have had many of the best days of my life. Lots of energy gently flowing in the upper hemispheres, tangible inner harmony, a more productive work atmosphere.
Mark Meyer
Audubon, NJ

My wife and I operate a holistic healing center. We are using the series personally with great success. I do believe that our income has doubled after doing Eliminate Self-Sabotage for only four weeks. Our thanks to John-David.

P.S. Is there any way for us to retail your programs at our bookstore and if so, please send details.

Bob Krahn
Newark, DE

A Word of CAUTION!

This program is not for everyone. If you are not ready to take on and confront the subjects of money, relationships, sex, guilt, religion, parents and the true sources of self-sabotaging beliefs, then this program is not for you.

But… If you're ready to finally deal with behaviors that stop you from having the life that you truly want and deserve, then get started with the powerful Eliminate Self-Sabotage® program today!

Five CD Set

  • Digitally Produced on 5-CDs
  • Powerful Active listening Tracks
  • Easy Passive Listening Tracks
  • Complete Manual & Journal


Plus shipping and handling

Digital Version

  • MP3 and FLAC Formats Included
  • Powerful Active listening Tracks
  • ​Easy Passive Listening Tracks
  • Complete Manual & Journal


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