The Synaptic Symphonies Series!

Re-Script Limiting Beliefs While Enjoying Music

From Award-Winning Composers!

You've been requesting them for years and now they're back - BrainSpeak all-music tracks with our own Ultra-High Frequency (silent subliminal) affirmations that produce life-changing results!

Now you can enjoy the highest production quality music while re-scripting your inner beliefs with Ultra-High Frequency "Silent" Affirmations.

Improve the quality of your life as you listen to some of the world's finest music - from award-winning contemporary composers to the works of the classical masters.

These specially created tracks transport you into a new mental realm where your unconscious responds effortlessly to positive silent affirmations.

Using a patented Silent Subliminal process,  the encoded affirmations provide a life enhancing environment for work, study, meditation or entertainment. Whether played through speakers or headphones, these tracks can create the perfect environment for powerful change!